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April foolz

2009-04-01 04:21:55 by StormEagle1984

April foolz.

Well. My computer doesnt support flash. Im broke, I make 7.30 an hour, and I work 10 hours a week and pay all my bills faithfully. So how the hell is Megaman Vs the universe supposed to ever happen? Well along with a plan comes a solution!!! I will be joining the navy here in July i'll be going to boot camp hopefully that'll take about eh.... 8 weeks. I WILL be looking for ideas and possibly some help to ensure that megaman vs the world does not bomb, and people LOVE it instead of saying either it was too short, or the animations werent good enough, because guess what? Here we are 6 years later!!! by the time its done it'll be either 8 or 9 years later, but hey it will end well!!!